ST ELIZABETH ''same'' LP 1983 USA


1) Fool for your love
2) Thief in the night
3) Melissa's dream
4) Long live rock
5) Searching the night away
6) Loving you night and day
7) Ace in my hand
8) Love me tonight
9) Fade away

Quite good and very rare AOR/ hard rock LP from the states.


EXTASIS ''Ciente el calor'' LP 1991 SPAIN


1) Reina de la noche
2) Quiero ser yo
3) Entre la oscuridad
4) Amor sin amor
5) Pasion y ansiedad
6) Solo un sueno

One of the rarest spanish metal LPs with the band coming from Gran Canaria. The record was released on Digitals Records and contains some nice melodic metal tunes.


BAY RUM "Only The Strong Survive" Demo Tape (1987) USA

Bay Rum's Demo Tape released two years after the EP. More Melodic Than the EP.


1. You Don't Love Me
2. Call My Name
3. The Way She Walks

BAY RUM ''4 X4'' EP (1985) USA

Rare US Hard Rock with southern rock influences EP released by South Bay Records in 1982.


1. 4 Wheel Drive
2. Alone With Her
3. Heart Attack
4. Come On


ABRIL "Abril" LP (1988) Mexico

Mexican Hard Rock/Melodic Metal Band. This is their first LP released in 1988 by
pentagrama records.


1. Para Un Nino
2. Carreteras
3. Fin De Semana
4. A Veces
5. Otra Vez
6. Noche Gelida
7. Espejo
8. Sin Salida
9. Suicida
10. Abril
11. Testamento


STONED AGE ''Rockgasm'' LP 1987 Germany


1) Intro + World on ice
2) Breaking the walls
3) It's not too late
4) Breaking rocks
5) Sunrise
6) Fly away
7) On the run
8) Lonely nights
9) It's up to you

One of the best and rarest German metal LPs. They also release an EP that is more in AOR style. Enjoy!

27NORTH ''Strike while the iron's hot'' LP 1986 USA

Side A
1) Raised on rock
2) Reach into the dark
3) The outlaw

Side B
1) Echos in the wind
2) Hear me call
3) What you see (is what you get)

One of the rarest LPs in metal history! Enjoy!



COURT JESTER "Forced To Believe" CD (1996) Germany

Rare 80's heavy metal sounding band from Germany. This is their only release from 1996.
Their singer reminds of Omen's Bobby Kimball. A good album overall.


1. Intro
2. Serpents
3. The Master
4. King of Masquearde
5. In The Name Of God
6. You don't know
7. Reaper's call
8. Tales From The Dark Side
9. Visions of Fear
10. As We Told (You)
11. The Land


VANISHING POINT ''Twilight zone'' LP 1988 JAPAN


01 Twilight Zone
02 One Night Dream
03 Dead Gamilas
04 Fire
05 さよならも言わないで
06 永遠の夢
07 白い砂浜
08 Memory
09 滅亡の日
10 Voyager

Quite good Japanese metal LP released privately only on vinyl.


DRAKKAR ''Libre y salvaje'' 7'' 1985 SPAIN


1.Libre y Salvaje05:02
2.Solo En La Ciudad04:38

Good spanish metal band from Majorca that only released this single. Some of its members participated in Elikat.


SCHOOLBOYS ''Singin' shoutin' ''MLP 1980 USA


1-Singin' Shoutin'
2-Got You Rite Now
3-Dagger And A Kiss
4-Mean Street Machine

This band is pre -Icon and put out this very rare hard rock/metal MLP on Attendance Records. ''Mean street machine'' is the highlight of the album and a very heavy song for its time.


JESTER ''Same'' MLP USA 1985

Very good and rare US metal MLP released on Erika Records that put out also the great Traitor LP.


1) Jail Break
2) Let Me Love You
3) Don't Be A Fool
4) Who's To Blame
5) Follower


DAMIEN ''Face the danger'' LP USA 198?


1) Face the danger
2) Angel for the night
3) Not what it seems
4) Hang on to your head
5) Time to play
6) Tables will turn
7) Between the sheets
8) Climb to the top
9) Last laugh

Typical US Metal LP with nothing extraordinary but not dissapointing. Some good songs in the tracklist. It was released on the band's label Danger records.


MAINLINE ''same'' LP 1983 USA


1) Queen of the city
2) Fool tonight
3) Tonight the wind
4) Too late
5) Maria
6) Coming on tonight
7) Back street driver
8) Crank it up
9) Shadows

Rare hard rock/ heavy metal LP by this USA band.


AORTA "Blood Pressure" LP (1983) Germany

Rare German Hard rock/Metal LP with a rock 'n' roll feeling, similar to early Accept and Motorhead.


1. Our Music
2. Future
3. Sydney
4. Let The Feeling Play
5. Glimmer Twin
6. I'm A Mover
7. Blood Pressure
8. People Coming
9. Rock 'n' Roll Clown
10. Shake Your Hell
11. Soul Power
12. Poor Music Man


GOLD DUST ''same'' LP 1986 USA


1) Never too late
2) Hard road
3) The power and the glory
4) The maze
5) You steal from me
6) Take the good with the bad
7) Leaving again
8) One of the few
9) Dreams
10) It's over
11) The truth
12) Out on the streets

Rare hard rock record that combines heavy, hard rock and psych. Very strange and unique sound...listen to make your own opinion.


DESERT ESKIMO ''same'' LP 1982 USA

One of the rarest US Hard Rockers around. Very rarely turns up and was released in 1982 by their private North Star Records, based in sunny California.


1 Always falling in love
2 Can't go back
3 Into the dawn
4 Runner
5 Eskimo
6 Marylyn
7 It really is something
8 Make me feel so good
9 Danger zone
10 How do you tell
11 Brand new
12 Blues is the music


RISING POWER "The Rock Is Never Ending" (1989) Italy

Ultra Rare Melodic metal LP limited to 500 Copies. This is their first album sang in English. Similar to Malmsteen's Neoclassical style.


1. The Rock Is Never Ending
2. I hope I Can Save
3. Strange Life
4. Only Moments
5. The Feel Of The Night
6. Born Twice
7. Honest Song

VANISHING POINT "Fantasy Of Future" LP (1987) Japan

Rare Private Melodic Metal Japanese LP with female vocals. Check it out.


1. Fantasy Of Future
2. Mi Mo Kokoro Mo
3. End Of The Summer
4. Vanishing Point
5. Kanashimi No Naka De
6. Change Myself
7. Street Driver


STEEL LACE "Steel Lace" (1995) USA

Rare Private US Power Metal album released in 1995 similar to bands like early jag panzer, helstar, hittman etc. Quite good album, worth checking it out.


1. Z End
2. The Witch
3. Taste Of A Tear
4. Hands Of Time
5. Unholy Laughter
6. Londy
7. Fallen Angels
8. Burnin Flame
9. Conviction
10. Rise Once