PATRIARCH ''first hand'' MLP 1983 USA

One of the rarest pieces of the vast US Hard rock/AOR/pomp scene that released on TED Records. Patriarch comes from Kansas and are very close in the style of Kansas! Really maginificent songs...
1. Two steps away
2. You fool
3. Ten years ago
4. Elisium

ASHER ''same'' MLP 1984 USA

Quite rare hard rock/ metal MLP released on Zipperleg Records with female vocals. Band is from Cincinnati, Ohio. All four songs are very good and remind of bands like Childhood's End of Meghan.
1. Hard way to love you
2. Run away
3. We wanna rock
4. No more


DEZARK "Dezark" EP (1986) USA

This is a Texas based band which released this one and only EP in 1986 on Stone high records. Four songs are presented here on the classic heavy/power metal sound which have some good parts but the weak point of this EP is that a killer song is absent and there is not a really good song from the start to the end, so this EP is worth mentioning for its ultra rarity and not for its musicianship.

1. Broken silence
2. Out on the street
3. You made your move
4. What to expect

MONARCH "As your kingdom falls" (1983) USA

This is an extremely rare LP released in 1983. It's not an LP worth for its musical content but for it's rarity. There are a couple of really good songs like the opener "As your kingdom falls" and "Florida song". The others are decent hard rock tunes with prog elements. Check it out for these two songs mentioned and who knows... You might also like the rest.

1. As your kingdom falls
2. Sweet Freedom
3. Vorspeil
4. Mystery of life (Calling you)
5. Thru the shadows
6. Florida song
7. Blue lady
8. Won't be denied


ABLAZE ''Psychopath/ Sadistic dreams'' 7'' (1986) CANADA

One of the rarest 7'' singles around that is much in demand by collectors worldwide. Ferocious riffs, amazing solos and high pitched vocals are the elements here that send shivers down the spine of every power metal fun. Soon after the release of their 7'' single the band (from Montreal) changed line up and became a Metallica tribute band until its split up in 1993.


MANDRAKE "Far Beyond the point" EP (1990)

So, here we are again with a new post. A private realease from Germany, quite rare and really worth the effort chasing it down. Mostly doomy in structure with nice female vocals and cathy compositions. Have a listen to find out if you like it or not.


1. Revolutioner's Grave
2. Rock 'n' Roll
3. Living without love
4. Heavy metal