REQUEST: MEGHAN "Meghan" LP (1986) USA

This is a rare hard rock/AOR MLP from USA with many bluesy touches and the beautiful and powerful voice of Meghan. It was released in 1986 on Pendragon records.

1. Don't think twice
2. I don't wanna know
3. Head over hills
4. Suicidal lover
5. Well of souls 
6. Radio man

REQUEST: KIDD GLOVES "Feel the fire" EP (1987) US

A rare hard rock/melodic metal EP from USA with female vocals. The songs are intensive with the powerful vocals of Lisa St. Ann. There are also some nice melodic leads. The same titled song is a catchy melodic tune and "call me" is a Blondie cover. It was released in 1987 on Very fine thing indeed music.

1. Reasons
2. Turn it around
3. Feel the fire
4. Call me


HADES "Enter el fuego y la cruz" LP (1984) Spain

This is one of the rarest and best LPs that ever emerged from Spain. 6 Solid heavy/power metal songs in Spanish with exceptional riffs and unique solos. Surely in the top 5 heavy metal albums from Spanish ground. You have to listen to it to find out for yourselves. Released privately in 1984.

1. Entre el fuego y la cruz
2. Fantasia para el duende
3. Hades
4. La magia del rock
5. La reina
6. El camino de los dioses

NEON NIGHT "Neon Night" LP (1987) Norway

This is a pure Scandinavian melodic metal LP from Norway. Really nice melodic songs with solid structure and worthy solos. There are nice slices of heavy riffing combined with melodic leads and likable, epic melodic choruses (Listen to "Talk to me" and "Hevvii Mettii" to find out what I'm talking about) which along with the rest of the songs give the album continuation and solidity. Released in 1987 on Angel records.

1. Night in the city
2. Into the battle
3. Talk to me
4. Hevvii Mettii
5. Brainstorm
6. Moonshine
7. Queen of my heart
8. Overdose
9. Caught in a dream

INFRA RED "Infra Red" MLP (1985) US

This is another US private release from 1985. It's a hard rock/melodic metal album with powerful, well-played guitars, bunches of leads and solos and good vocals. The album starts with the powerful "Hijacked" and continues in a hard rocking style with some sleazy touches which sound very nice with the general outcome of the album. 

1. Hijacked
2. Keep on running
3. Jumpin' the gun
4. Straight for the city
5. Wet,wild and hot

HARD 'N HEART "Innocent and sinful" EP (1986) Germany

A rare heavy/power metal 4-song private EP from Germany released in 1986. It combines the riffing of Stormwitch with accept-like vocals at some points. Sharp guitars, nice leads-solos, good production (for a private release) and acceptable vocals. Not an exceptional one but worth checking it out. Best tracks:Innocent & sinful,Violent victims for the witch along with the nice ballad All the days.

1. Innocent & sinful
2. Judy's lover
3. Violent victims for the witch
4. All the days


ASMODINA "Headbanger" MLP (1986) Germany

A private release from Germany with nice guitar riffs and interesting leads, solos. The vocals could be better but it's a good album in general. Their sound is classic heavy/power metal with no turns in direction. It was released in 1986.

1. Intro/Angel dust
2. Prayer
3. The horror remains
4. Headbanger
5. Spirits of the death
6. Protector


PORTRAIT "Portrait" LP 1990 US

One of the best kept secrets of the US hard rock/melodic metal scene. This LP contains only great songs with melodic leads, magnificent vocals and catchy choruses. A truly underestimated band, they could be huge! It was also released on CD on Stonecross records in 1990.

1. Dreams come true
2. Memories
3. You
4. Long hard road to love
5. (You are) My only angel
6. When we rock
7. Turn it around
8. Suite Donna