JESTER ''Same'' MLP USA 1985

Very good and rare US metal MLP released on Erika Records that put out also the great Traitor LP.


1) Jail Break
2) Let Me Love You
3) Don't Be A Fool
4) Who's To Blame
5) Follower


DAMIEN ''Face the danger'' LP USA 198?


1) Face the danger
2) Angel for the night
3) Not what it seems
4) Hang on to your head
5) Time to play
6) Tables will turn
7) Between the sheets
8) Climb to the top
9) Last laugh

Typical US Metal LP with nothing extraordinary but not dissapointing. Some good songs in the tracklist. It was released on the band's label Danger records.


MAINLINE ''same'' LP 1983 USA


1) Queen of the city
2) Fool tonight
3) Tonight the wind
4) Too late
5) Maria
6) Coming on tonight
7) Back street driver
8) Crank it up
9) Shadows

Rare hard rock/ heavy metal LP by this USA band.


AORTA "Blood Pressure" LP (1983) Germany

Rare German Hard rock/Metal LP with a rock 'n' roll feeling, similar to early Accept and Motorhead.


1. Our Music
2. Future
3. Sydney
4. Let The Feeling Play
5. Glimmer Twin
6. I'm A Mover
7. Blood Pressure
8. People Coming
9. Rock 'n' Roll Clown
10. Shake Your Hell
11. Soul Power
12. Poor Music Man


GOLD DUST ''same'' LP 1986 USA


1) Never too late
2) Hard road
3) The power and the glory
4) The maze
5) You steal from me
6) Take the good with the bad
7) Leaving again
8) One of the few
9) Dreams
10) It's over
11) The truth
12) Out on the streets

Rare hard rock record that combines heavy, hard rock and psych. Very strange and unique sound...listen to make your own opinion.


DESERT ESKIMO ''same'' LP 1982 USA

One of the rarest US Hard Rockers around. Very rarely turns up and was released in 1982 by their private North Star Records, based in sunny California.


1 Always falling in love
2 Can't go back
3 Into the dawn
4 Runner
5 Eskimo
6 Marylyn
7 It really is something
8 Make me feel so good
9 Danger zone
10 How do you tell
11 Brand new
12 Blues is the music


RISING POWER "The Rock Is Never Ending" (1989) Italy

Ultra Rare Melodic metal LP limited to 500 Copies. This is their first album sang in English. Similar to Malmsteen's Neoclassical style.


1. The Rock Is Never Ending
2. I hope I Can Save
3. Strange Life
4. Only Moments
5. The Feel Of The Night
6. Born Twice
7. Honest Song

VANISHING POINT "Fantasy Of Future" LP (1987) Japan

Rare Private Melodic Metal Japanese LP with female vocals. Check it out.


1. Fantasy Of Future
2. Mi Mo Kokoro Mo
3. End Of The Summer
4. Vanishing Point
5. Kanashimi No Naka De
6. Change Myself
7. Street Driver


STEEL LACE "Steel Lace" (1995) USA

Rare Private US Power Metal album released in 1995 similar to bands like early jag panzer, helstar, hittman etc. Quite good album, worth checking it out.


1. Z End
2. The Witch
3. Taste Of A Tear
4. Hands Of Time
5. Unholy Laughter
6. Londy
7. Fallen Angels
8. Burnin Flame
9. Conviction
10. Rise Once


GENOCIDE ''Too long'' LP USA 1982


1 Outmate
2 Living dead Co.
3 I wouldn't touch her with yours
4 If this is really love
5 Destiny of death
6 Slut machine
7 For fools
8 Recollection
9 Too long

Early US Metal band from Utah that released this quite rare LP that contains many NWOBHM elements. An interesting record, worth listening.


MATA HARI "Feel The Fire" (1992) USA

Rare US Hard Rock Album with a metal edge. Released in 1992 on Metro Records.


1. Ready For Love
2. Attitude Check/Cruise Control
3. Lucky Man
4. When The Rain Burns
5. The Clip
6. Lonely Nights
7. I-29 (Cold Man)
8. Say No More
9. Heavy Heart
10. Feel The Fire


INFLITE "First In Flite" LP (1985) USA

Rare US Hard Rock LP released in 1985 on Anchor Records. Quite good but not exceptional, the vocals could have been better.

Sorry No Tracklist available at the moment.

HAWKEY "Hawkey" LP (1986) USA

Rare US Hard Rock LP released in 1986. It features the former singer of Ted Nugent, Charlie Huhn who later went on to bands such like Foghat, Victory, Humblepie. This is a typical hard rock album with a highlight... The song "Broken Heart".


1. Shake A Leg
2. Mean Streets
3. On and On
4. Broken Heart
5. Genevieve
6. City Sidewalks
7. Through The Night
8. Outrun The Rain
9. Stratosphere


SLAVEN ''Slave to the heart'' MLP USA 1985


1) Shake your fist
2) Wicked
3) Slave to the heart

Very good US metal MLP in the vain of Rellik, Upper Echelon, Thatcher etc...recommended!


RANDY "Demo '87" (1987) DENMARK

This Demo was released privately a year after their first single. This band knew how to write great songs and this is proved by this excellent demo. This demo contains some hard rocking tracks but don't let this keep you away from this gem. Just listen to "Nightmare" and "Razor's edge" and you'll get the picture.


1. Come On Let's Rock
2. Nightmare
3. Razor's Edge
4. It's Got To Be Love
5. Victim Of The Night
6. Who's Got The Power
7. Don't Look Back


A very rare Irish Power/Speed Metal EP with some thrashy parts.


1. Freddies Revenge
2. All Hell Lets Loose
3. The Game Of Death


RELEASE ''Requiem for the world'' LP DENMARK 1989


1) Hopeless proud
2) A requiem for the world
3) Ghetto child
4) You don't care no more
5) The wonder
6) The valley of witchcraft
7) Killerrabbit
8) Tha damned lake

This LP is one of the most impressive private metal vinyls not only of Denmark but also of European metal scene. The band recruited the singer of the well known Maltese Falcon and composed bombastic anthems like "Hopeless proud", "The valley of witchcraft" and "The damned lake". Unfortunately, it very rarely turns up and it's more difficult to find it than the LPs of Crystal Knight or Zoser Mez.


THE KINGDOM ''Love, peace, god'' LP 1988 USA


1. Nafarious Times
2. The Beautiful Dream
3. You're Mine So Fine
4. The Kingdom
5. An Early Frost Of Blue
6. Speak Of "The Devil
7. Won't I Ever See The Light
Obscure US metal LP that rarely turns up.


SAVAGERS ''Preacher of steel'' MLP 1984 SWEDEN


1) Storm winds
2) Crusaders of fortune
3) Savagers
4) Preacher of steel
5) State of shock
6) Danger

Obscure swedish metal EP, similar to early 220 Volt and NWOBHM acts.


HARDWARE ''Common time heroes'' LP 1984 GERMANY


1. Hot'n'Ready
2. In the Night
3. Tough Lover
4. Lady Dynamite
5. Easy to Say
6. On the Run
7. Sun City
8. Breakin' All the Rules
9. Bad Toy
10. Eukalyptusbonbon (On the Run reprise)
Good German metal LP released on Steamhammer records. This is not a true rarity/obscurity but it's a request.


HURTFUL WITCH ''Spectra'' 1985 Demo ITALY


1) We're Fire
2) Lost Angel
3) Behind My Eyes

Unknown italian metal band with Roberta Delaude on vocals who later formed the legendary Morgana. Hurtful Witch was her first band.

NINETEEN ''Missing in action'' LP 1986 USA


1. Streets
2. Two Hearts
3. Missing in Action
4. Brazil (Room 101)
5. Where's Your Love
6. Nightlife
7. Queen of Angels
8. Soldier
9. Broken Mirrors and Shattered Glass
10. Key-Bo
11. Run for Cover
Typical US metal record released in Express label. This is the second release of this label. Is there anybody that knows which is the first?




1. Dancing Lights
2. Guitar Love
3. The Winner
4. One
5. Rockfeeling
6. Thank You
7. The Witch
8. Sawmill
9. Underdog
10. Roadmaster
This is one of the first German metal bands of the 80s. Their style is similar to the british bands of the same period.



01 Dictatorship
02 Big business
03 Tear out my heart
04 Highway
05 She could never love me
06 Red sky
07 Out of luck
08 Streetwalker
09 Exit stage right
Aussie metal band from Melbourne, Victoria. They released 2 very rare LPs "Power palace" (1985) and "Battle fatigue" (1983). I have never seen their 1st LP listed somewhere so if there is an Australian collector here ....


ASYLUM ''Nowhere fast'' MLP 1987 USA


1) Cant keep her satisfied

2) Cost of arms

3) Nowhere fast

4) Night of the night

Good US Metal MLP with ''Cost of arms'' and ''Night of the night'' being the best songs.


BISHOP STEEL ''Killing asylum'' EP 1991 USA


1) On and on
2) Lonely days
3) Killing asylum
4) Sacred starr

Very good US Metal in the vain of Rellik & Emmy Strut. This is a limited edition of 300 copies and a cassette version was released with cover artwork.


MC BLADE ''Step into the light'' MLP 1986 USA

1) Step into the light
2) Right for you
3) The search
4) Let's have the news
Very rare and good melodic metal MLP. The title track is a real gem and listen to it to form your own opinion.

RIP ''Give me the night'' MLP 1987 USA


1) Victim of the 20th century
2) Give me the night
3) I don’t know why
4) Cold world

Fine US metal MLP by this trio band. This was their only official release and I don't know if they had any demos. If anybody knows....




1. Out Of Control
2. Now The Time Is Right
3. 67-68-69
4. He's Your Lover
5. Fight
6. Save Our Planet
7. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
8. Angel Eyes
9. Tonight
10. Red Light Lady

Quite rare private CD from Holland that was released in 1988 on Jaws Records. A mixture of AOR and melodic metal. Check it out....

CRILLSON ''Coming of a new age'' CD 1993 USA


1) No cure
2) The chosen one
3) Who can you trust
4) Destiny
5) Veils of darkness
6) Blades
7) Without evil within
8) The awakening awareness

Very obscure epic power metal band from Wasilla, Alaska....it is said that only 200 copies have been made in 1993. Funs of Manowar should check it out....


WREST ''Livin' in a cage'' LP 1989 ITALY

1) Psychic TV
2) Livin' In A Cage
3) Calling The OWorld
4) Wall Of Silence
5) Weak Man
6) Glass Generation
7) Tears
8) Victim
Quite good Italian metal LP that was released on LM Records.



1) Right time to die
2) Deliver or kill
3) Fast ride
4) The trial
5) Castles in black
6) Thou wilt be avenged

Good Dutch metal MLP released on Paladyn Records....they also released a demo..




1) (You better) run for tomorrow
3) Out on your own
4) Always near
Very rare US metal MLP with a female singer. The song ''(You better) run for tomorrow'' is great!


CROWHAVEN ''Emotional adjustment'' LP 1986 USA


1) Paradise
2) Testify
3) Time + Time Again
4) Little Angel
5) Don’t Tell Me
6) Heavy Metal Darlin’
7) Hero
8) The Crow
9) Changes
Quite good US metal/ hard rock band in vain of Legend, Monarch, Dark Starr etc. The LP was released by Hit A Note Records in 300 copies.


RITUAL ''same'' EP 1986 BELGIUM

1) Paternoster
2) Spaced Out
3) Last Night For The Demons
4) Prediction
Very rare heavy metal EP from Belgium released on Black Ritual Records. Band used occult lyrics in the style of Mercyful Fate. This is an edition of 500 copies although only 200 were circulated so the EP is considered one of the rarest european metal records.

METAL MERCY ''The unborn child'' EP 1989 SWEDEN


1. In Total Rage
2. Who's In The Dark
3. The Unborn Child
4. Rendezvous With Death
Very rare Swedish metal EP released in 1989 in Mercy Records.


U8 ''The shaber'' LP 1984 AUSTRIA

Rare LP of Austrian metal scene released on EMI.


1) 'S I'm Ready
2) A Song For A Lonely Werewolf
3) Out Of Control
4) The Shaber
5) Stop The War
6) Rock And Roll
7) Turn It On
8) Till The End Of The World


MALACHIA ''Under the blade'' LP 1986 USA

This is the first private pressing of Malachia's ''Red sunrise'' that was released one year later. The tracklist is slightly different and versions of the songs are heavier. Very rare record!!


1. Narration (Intro)
2. Heaven Or Hell
3. Mark Of The Beast
4. Masters Call
5. Let It Go
6. Red Sunrise
7. In Christ We Rock


RUFF JUSTICE ''No justice, no peace'' CD 1995 USA

Very good melodic power metal, released on A.R.T Entertainment. One of the best CDs of the 90s in US Metal scene.


1) Trouble In Paradise
2) Sanctuary
3) Hold On
4) City In Flames
5) No Justice No Peace
6) I Need You
7) Veil Of Oppression
8) Carry On



BERSERKS ''same'' LP 1982 ITALY

One of the rarest LPs of Italian metal was released in 1982 and really reminds of NWOBHM bands like Spartan Warrior. Good songs but average vocals is the outcome here...listen to make your own opinion.


1) The Sex Symbol Machine
2) Black Side
3) The Lady Of Love
4) My Life Is Hard Rock
5) The King In The Dream
6) Ice And Dark
7) I Want You, You Want Me
8) Sky


VAVOURA BAND ''Vana G. Vana'' 1981 7'' Single GREECE

1. All alone
2. Vana G. Vana
3. The junkie

Insanely rare heavy metal 7'' single from Greece. Music is similar to the sound of NWOBHM bands of the period.


RED COAST ''Bad boys to rock'' EP 1988 Germany

Very rare German metal EP and the music is very similar to Accept, a nice one for the collectors.
1) Bad boys to rock
2) Shoot to the wall
3) Hold on
4) Don't break my heart