RELEASE ''Requiem for the world'' LP DENMARK 1989


1) Hopeless proud
2) A requiem for the world
3) Ghetto child
4) You don't care no more
5) The wonder
6) The valley of witchcraft
7) Killerrabbit
8) Tha damned lake

This LP is one of the most impressive private metal vinyls not only of Denmark but also of European metal scene. The band recruited the singer of the well known Maltese Falcon and composed bombastic anthems like "Hopeless proud", "The valley of witchcraft" and "The damned lake". Unfortunately, it very rarely turns up and it's more difficult to find it than the LPs of Crystal Knight or Zoser Mez.


THE KINGDOM ''Love, peace, god'' LP 1988 USA


1. Nafarious Times
2. The Beautiful Dream
3. You're Mine So Fine
4. The Kingdom
5. An Early Frost Of Blue
6. Speak Of "The Devil
7. Won't I Ever See The Light
Obscure US metal LP that rarely turns up.


SAVAGERS ''Preacher of steel'' MLP 1984 SWEDEN


1) Storm winds
2) Crusaders of fortune
3) Savagers
4) Preacher of steel
5) State of shock
6) Danger

Obscure swedish metal EP, similar to early 220 Volt and NWOBHM acts.


HARDWARE ''Common time heroes'' LP 1984 GERMANY


1. Hot'n'Ready
2. In the Night
3. Tough Lover
4. Lady Dynamite
5. Easy to Say
6. On the Run
7. Sun City
8. Breakin' All the Rules
9. Bad Toy
10. Eukalyptusbonbon (On the Run reprise)
Good German metal LP released on Steamhammer records. This is not a true rarity/obscurity but it's a request.


HURTFUL WITCH ''Spectra'' 1985 Demo ITALY


1) We're Fire
2) Lost Angel
3) Behind My Eyes

Unknown italian metal band with Roberta Delaude on vocals who later formed the legendary Morgana. Hurtful Witch was her first band.

NINETEEN ''Missing in action'' LP 1986 USA


1. Streets
2. Two Hearts
3. Missing in Action
4. Brazil (Room 101)
5. Where's Your Love
6. Nightlife
7. Queen of Angels
8. Soldier
9. Broken Mirrors and Shattered Glass
10. Key-Bo
11. Run for Cover
Typical US metal record released in Express label. This is the second release of this label. Is there anybody that knows which is the first?




1. Dancing Lights
2. Guitar Love
3. The Winner
4. One
5. Rockfeeling
6. Thank You
7. The Witch
8. Sawmill
9. Underdog
10. Roadmaster
This is one of the first German metal bands of the 80s. Their style is similar to the british bands of the same period.