VISITOR ''Four by five'' MLP 1982 USA

This is the rarest of Visitor's three releases (edition of 500 copies). The songs here contain typical hard rock and are weaker than their amazing full length LPs which made them special.

1. Its only money
2. Rock in my soul
3. Demon od desire
4. Magnetic attraction

POLESTAR1 ''Flying thru the universe'' LP USA 1980

Quite rare private hard rock LP with progressive/atmospheric elements that are reminiscent of Yes & Pink Floyd.


1. Flying thru the universe
2. Sinful place
3. I can see it
4. searching
5. The world lost its mind
6. Who am I
7. Stars and planets
8. Plastic ecstacy

CONFESSOR ''First sin'' EP 1986 New Zealand

Very rare EP released by Jayrem Records. No relation to any other Confessor you know.


1) Soldier Of Hate
2) Satin Sheet Action
3) No Peace For The Wicked


CAIN ''Un paso mas en el camino'' LP 1991 SPAIN

Quite rare melodic metal LP from Spain, released on the Avispa label. Very good music and quite hard to track down.


1. El guardian de los suenos
2. Siempre por tu amor
3. Una luz en la oscuridad
4. Luna lena
5. La amazona
6. Sangre
7. No hay dinero para el rock n' roll
8. Alta sociedad
9. Vuela hasta mi

INSANE ''Strip tease'' LP 1987 CANADA

Very rare heavy metal LP from Canada that reminds me a bit of Leather Nunn due to heavy guitar sound.


1. Strip Tease
2. Sharp Sensations
3. Cry Out
4. To Laurent
5. Unaware Of The Share
6. Weird
7. Nowhere Land
8. Don't Play Around
9. The Battle
10. Heart On Fire
11. Never Satisfied

SYBILL ''Same'' LP 1987 USA

Quite good melodic hard rock US band. The LP was released on Fugu Records.


1. Time To Start Livin'
2. Why Oh Why
3. Take Me Back
4. Acting
5. Turn Me Loose
6. No One Controls You
7. Now Or Never
8. Tell Me

RISING POWER ''Troppo oro e argento'' LP 1992 ITALY

Very rare and very good malmsteen-like band. This is their 2nd LP released on the MMS private label in 1992. This record is so rare that many collectors don't know its existence and consider ''The rock is never ending'' (1989) as their only release..


1) Troppo Oro Ed Argento
2) Velocissimo E Irragiungible
3) Spirito Profondo
4) Pezzo D’ Animale
5) La Strada Del Destino
6) Intro-Isola Di Sabbia
7) Tramonto Di Speranza


Request: THE ELEMENT ''Time '' LP 1985 FRANCE

Rare LP of melondic hard rock featuring Patrick Rondat. It was released on Rocks Records.
1. Time
2. The element
3. Woman
4. Hot connection
5. Berlin
6. White child
7. Sixteen you are on display
8. Bad boy


STARR ''Memories never die'' LP USA 1981

Good US hard rock band that only released this LP and ''Set your fire'' is by far their best song with its tremendous atmosphere.


BURST ''same'' LP 198? USA

One of the best hard rock/pomp LPs I have ever heard. This band is up there with Visitor, Asia, Tension etc. Essential..... Again thanks to Aortrooper for this addition.


1. Endlessly
2. Mystical rider
3. Heavenly feeling
4. Spend the night
5. Turn your head
6. Make no mistake
7. Get up
8. Stand back

MATINEE ''same'' MLP USA 1986

This highly sought after MLP from California is a good example of AOR as it was played in the mid 80s. Special credit goes to Aortrooper from Belgium for giving us the link for this ultra rare album.

1. Can't wait
2. Girl I want you back
3. Don't break my heart
4. I need you

CHINA BLUE ''same'' LP 1987 Canada

Quite good melodic metal LP that is very hard to find. My favorite tracks are ''Power love'' & ''Yesterday's gone''...listen to form your own opinion.


1. Power love
2. Glasses high
3. Broken promises
4. DD3-7153-INST
5. Lady despair
6. You'll be back
7. Yesterday's gone


MADD HATTER ''Strangers in the street'' MLP USA 1988

Nice glam metal of the late 80s. This band has no relation with the group of the Cosmos Label or any other Madd Hatter you know.


1. Street tough
2. Hard to fool
3. Are you lonely
4. Stranger in the street
5. Trouble


ODYSSEY ''Breakaway'' MLP 1985 USA

Quite good melodic metal band from New York (no relation with Odyssey from South Africa or any other Odyssey you know).


1. Breakaway
2. Gamblin' on rock n' roll
3. Becky
4. But I rememer


LOVE GUNN ''Bad love for sale'' LP 1987 USA


1. Bad love for sale
2. Sudden urge
3. The bitch is hot
4. Here's looking at you
5. Too late

Typical glam metal LP from USA in the first four songs. Only ''Too late'' can justify its purchase which is a magnificent song and it's a pity the band didn't compose other tunes in the same level.

ROC LOCHNER ''same'' LP 1985 USA

This is the debut album of Roc Lochner that was released years before the OPM issue of their second unreleased LP. The record contains typical hard rock/ metal of the mid 80s and it seems that the band really stepped forward as the songs in the 2nd LP are much better.

1. Headlines
2. Hard to forget
3. Once is bad enough
4. Take a number
5. Stargazer
6. First sight love

NETWORK ''same'' LP 1987 USA

This band from Utah managed to release one of the most professional private releases of the 80s as the LP contains glossy photo of the band and seperate information insert for each member. However, the music is not something special- typical glam metal without any of the songs being stunning. Strictly for completists and music researchers.


1. I wanna hear you scream
2. My time
3. Rock you
4. Goodbye
5. Dizzy bar
6. Satisfied
7. Why
8. Loud rock n' roll


LIXX ''Get your licks in'' MLP 1987 USA


1. Someday
2. Give it to me
3. Yesterdays gone
4. Do it over

Very hard to find glam metal record that goes high in auctions. It's not the same band with Lixx that released ''Loose on you'' MLP, this is far rarer and to me better.


MYSTIQUE ''Rock n' roll party tonite'' 7'' 1988 CANADA

This is the ultra rare single of Mystique that was made for promotional reasons. Second song is the well known composition of Queen while the first song is of Mystique. Special thanks goes to Jonas from Lithuania for offering us this link!


1. Rock n' roll party tonite
2. Stone cold crazy


KAOS "Agent killers" LP (1982) USA

A US metal band from San Diego,California. This is their only release and their sound is classic, melodic heavy metal with nice leads and good vocals. There are a few catchy tunes here that you might like. It was released in 1982 on Pop records.

1.Agent killers
2.To the top
4.All love is lost
5.Back in love
7.Take my love and run
8.Jailhouse rock

MYSTIQUE ''I am the king'' DEMO (1987)

This is the demo of Mystique released 2 years after ''Black rider'' and in my opinion it's heavier and a little better than the EP. In 1988 they released a very rare single (if anybody has the music you know the mails!!) for promotional reasons...Hail !!


1. I am the King
2. Alone in the Dark
3. Standing on the Firing Line
4. Prelude : Opus 1
5. Silent Tear



Very rare EP from Spain (Valencia). The vocals are rather mediocre but there are some good moments in guitars (e.g. Galope Mortal) so listen to find out for yourselves...In our opinion an overestimated album, much inferior to Spanish classics like Tharna, Hades, Exodo etc.


1. Corre
2.Asesino Pecador
3.Galope Mortal


AIRSTRIKE ''Initial attack'' LP 1986 USA

The band was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska (1984) and as far as we know they didn't release anything else. The style is power metal with some more commercial elements (especially in the first two songs). The best songs are ''Initial attack'' & ''Right before your eyes'' with epic choruses and thunderous riffs. The LP was released by the private label Direct Hit and is very rare nowadays.
1. Aimin' for the heart
2. You'll get your way
3. High heels, low deals
4. Right before your eyes
5. Initial attack
6. Angel of pain
7. She's still gone
Thanks to Manos from sonic age records for his kind contribution.


PATRIARCH ''first hand'' MLP 1983 USA

One of the rarest pieces of the vast US Hard rock/AOR/pomp scene that released on TED Records. Patriarch comes from Kansas and are very close in the style of Kansas! Really maginificent songs...
1. Two steps away
2. You fool
3. Ten years ago
4. Elisium

ASHER ''same'' MLP 1984 USA

Quite rare hard rock/ metal MLP released on Zipperleg Records with female vocals. Band is from Cincinnati, Ohio. All four songs are very good and remind of bands like Childhood's End of Meghan.
1. Hard way to love you
2. Run away
3. We wanna rock
4. No more


DEZARK "Dezark" EP (1986) USA

This is a Texas based band which released this one and only EP in 1986 on Stone high records. Four songs are presented here on the classic heavy/power metal sound which have some good parts but the weak point of this EP is that a killer song is absent and there is not a really good song from the start to the end, so this EP is worth mentioning for its ultra rarity and not for its musicianship.

1. Broken silence
2. Out on the street
3. You made your move
4. What to expect

MONARCH "As your kingdom falls" (1983) USA

This is an extremely rare LP released in 1983. It's not an LP worth for its musical content but for it's rarity. There are a couple of really good songs like the opener "As your kingdom falls" and "Florida song". The others are decent hard rock tunes with prog elements. Check it out for these two songs mentioned and who knows... You might also like the rest.

1. As your kingdom falls
2. Sweet Freedom
3. Vorspeil
4. Mystery of life (Calling you)
5. Thru the shadows
6. Florida song
7. Blue lady
8. Won't be denied


ABLAZE ''Psychopath/ Sadistic dreams'' 7'' (1986) CANADA

One of the rarest 7'' singles around that is much in demand by collectors worldwide. Ferocious riffs, amazing solos and high pitched vocals are the elements here that send shivers down the spine of every power metal fun. Soon after the release of their 7'' single the band (from Montreal) changed line up and became a Metallica tribute band until its split up in 1993.


MANDRAKE "Far Beyond the point" EP (1990)

So, here we are again with a new post. A private realease from Germany, quite rare and really worth the effort chasing it down. Mostly doomy in structure with nice female vocals and cathy compositions. Have a listen to find out if you like it or not.


1. Revolutioner's Grave
2. Rock 'n' Roll
3. Living without love
4. Heavy metal


REQUEST: ELIZA "Something like hot" LP (1988) Japan

Rare Japanese LP released in 1988 which contains heavy, intensive riffs witch catchy melodies and guitar leads. Classic heavy metal sound from an unknown japanese band.

1. Fast as lightning
2. Slow down
3. Too wild to tame
4. Shot!
5. Let it rock
6. Easy cum,easy go
7. Lines on the legs
8. Boys back to the hell

STRIKEMASTER "Good 'n' Ready" LP (1984) New Zealand

This is actually a live recorded album and the 1st full-length LP from Strikemaster. All the tracks have hard rocking sound with many NWoBHM influences. It was released in 1984 on Jayrem records.

1. Time is on my side
2. Standing alone
3. Good 'n' ready
4. Hey you
5. Let me go
6. The grind
7. Wellington
8. Who can I turn to
9. It's not my fight


REQUEST: CARESS "The return of the beast" MLP (1989) Germany

A rare private release from Germany with female vocals. It reminds a little bit of Warlock and the vocals are very close to Doro's. Not an exceptional MLP but really worth checking it out.

1. Our rights
2. The ritual
3. United power
4. The return of the beast
5. Piece of action
6. Liberty for all


REQUEST: MEGHAN "Meghan" LP (1986) USA

This is a rare hard rock/AOR MLP from USA with many bluesy touches and the beautiful and powerful voice of Meghan. It was released in 1986 on Pendragon records.

1. Don't think twice
2. I don't wanna know
3. Head over hills
4. Suicidal lover
5. Well of souls 
6. Radio man

REQUEST: KIDD GLOVES "Feel the fire" EP (1987) US

A rare hard rock/melodic metal EP from USA with female vocals. The songs are intensive with the powerful vocals of Lisa St. Ann. There are also some nice melodic leads. The same titled song is a catchy melodic tune and "call me" is a Blondie cover. It was released in 1987 on Very fine thing indeed music.

1. Reasons
2. Turn it around
3. Feel the fire
4. Call me


HADES "Enter el fuego y la cruz" LP (1984) Spain

This is one of the rarest and best LPs that ever emerged from Spain. 6 Solid heavy/power metal songs in Spanish with exceptional riffs and unique solos. Surely in the top 5 heavy metal albums from Spanish ground. You have to listen to it to find out for yourselves. Released privately in 1984.

1. Entre el fuego y la cruz
2. Fantasia para el duende
3. Hades
4. La magia del rock
5. La reina
6. El camino de los dioses

NEON NIGHT "Neon Night" LP (1987) Norway

This is a pure Scandinavian melodic metal LP from Norway. Really nice melodic songs with solid structure and worthy solos. There are nice slices of heavy riffing combined with melodic leads and likable, epic melodic choruses (Listen to "Talk to me" and "Hevvii Mettii" to find out what I'm talking about) which along with the rest of the songs give the album continuation and solidity. Released in 1987 on Angel records.

1. Night in the city
2. Into the battle
3. Talk to me
4. Hevvii Mettii
5. Brainstorm
6. Moonshine
7. Queen of my heart
8. Overdose
9. Caught in a dream

INFRA RED "Infra Red" MLP (1985) US

This is another US private release from 1985. It's a hard rock/melodic metal album with powerful, well-played guitars, bunches of leads and solos and good vocals. The album starts with the powerful "Hijacked" and continues in a hard rocking style with some sleazy touches which sound very nice with the general outcome of the album. 

1. Hijacked
2. Keep on running
3. Jumpin' the gun
4. Straight for the city
5. Wet,wild and hot

HARD 'N HEART "Innocent and sinful" EP (1986) Germany

A rare heavy/power metal 4-song private EP from Germany released in 1986. It combines the riffing of Stormwitch with accept-like vocals at some points. Sharp guitars, nice leads-solos, good production (for a private release) and acceptable vocals. Not an exceptional one but worth checking it out. Best tracks:Innocent & sinful,Violent victims for the witch along with the nice ballad All the days.

1. Innocent & sinful
2. Judy's lover
3. Violent victims for the witch
4. All the days


ASMODINA "Headbanger" MLP (1986) Germany

A private release from Germany with nice guitar riffs and interesting leads, solos. The vocals could be better but it's a good album in general. Their sound is classic heavy/power metal with no turns in direction. It was released in 1986.

1. Intro/Angel dust
2. Prayer
3. The horror remains
4. Headbanger
5. Spirits of the death
6. Protector


PORTRAIT "Portrait" LP 1990 US

One of the best kept secrets of the US hard rock/melodic metal scene. This LP contains only great songs with melodic leads, magnificent vocals and catchy choruses. A truly underestimated band, they could be huge! It was also released on CD on Stonecross records in 1990.

1. Dreams come true
2. Memories
3. You
4. Long hard road to love
5. (You are) My only angel
6. When we rock
7. Turn it around
8. Suite Donna


SABBRABELLS "Dog Fight" EP (1985) Japan

This EP was released in 1985 and it contains 4 solid power metal songs with powerful guitars. "Metal Saber" and "Stop the motion" are classic power metal songs with speed and "water night" and "Dog fight" are mid-tempo heavy/power metal songs with dark melodies and beautiful solos. Best ones are definitely the two mid-tempo ones with "Water night" making too much of an impression. Released on Soundworld records.

1. Metal Saber
2. Water Night
3. Stop the Motion
4. Dog Fight

RANDY "Shadows are falling" 7" (1986) Denmark

This is one of the best 7" ever released. Their sound is a mix of Thin Lizzy/Iron maiden and early Europe. "Shadows are falling" is definitely one of the most hooky songs I've ever listened to. Pure melodic Scandi-metal with one-of-a-kind inspiration. It was released in 1986 on Arp Grammofon records.

1. Shadows are falling
2. The beast


ROAD "Running away" EP (1985) Norway

This is the first release from the Norwegian band. They have a different line-up from their next album since the singer on this EP later left the band. I think this singer is a little bit better and again the songs are in the same vein as their full-length album. This means that their sound is mostly hard rock with many melodic metal touches. It's a private release from 1985.

1. Running away
2. Strangers
3. The actor
4. Scream of anger

EKLYPCE "Passion after midnight" LP (1989) US

This is Bob Wheeler's band known from his first release as "Bob Wheeler". It's an ultra melodic hard rock/AOR album with good guitars and lots of keys. The songs are really worked well and keep the interest all the time, the only objection is Bob Wheeler's voice which if it was a little better the album would have been a killer! Released in 1989 on Mark records.

1. Intro
2. Lady in love
3. I'm only me
4. Need you in my life
5. Make me feel right
6. Sprits cryin' again
7. Keep the faith alive
8. Be your everything
9. Final time intro/The final time has come/Outro

DIRECT TOUCH "Meaning to life" EP (1986) US

Another US hard rock/melodic metal metal which released one EP and one single in the middle-late 80's. Most of the songs are slow and sentimental except from "Soldiers (of peace)" which has power and it's the best track of the EP. Only 600 copies were pressed, the first 300 hundred with black/red promo cover and the next 300 with the coverart present above. Released in 1986 on Andromeda records.

1. Dreamer
2. Soldiers (Of peace)
3. Mother
4. Meaning to life

ARROW "The only way" 7" (1984) Sweden

This 7" was released two years earlier from "Diary of a soldier" and it's the first release from the band. Not so good as their EP, with hard rocking sound. The band is not so tight here, but it's still a good effort for a debut. The highlight is definitely "a better run" which is closer to their later sound. Released in 1984 on their private label Arrow AWS. 

1. The only way
2. A better run

ARROW "Diary of a soldier" EP (1986) Sweden

This is a very good hard rock/melodic metal EP from Sweden with nicely structured songs and great vocals. The songs are guitar driven with intense and melody. It was released in 1986 on A.R.S. records.

1. Diary of a soldier
2. Straight to your heart
3. Tonight's the night
4. Until the end of time


HEXAGON "PIeces of a crime" MLP (1988) Sweden

Swedish hard rock/melodic metal band with one MLP in 1988 on WMR records. Their style reminds a lot of Europe's Wings of tomorrow and Final countdown era and the vocals are a mix of Joey Tempest and Pretty maids' Ronnie Atkins. Of course they're not as good as Europe but they're worth checking out. There are many melodic parts with catchy choruses. You'll sure enjoy this.

1. On the rodeo
2. I got love
3. Pieces of a crime
4. Drifters
5. Love eases pain

SHOCKSPLIT "Under wraps" EP (1989) UK

Post-NWoBHM band with some catchy tunes and nicely crafted compositions. They released one demo and this EP in the late 80's on Blue tongue records. Recommended for NWoBHM fans mostly.

1. Undo the chains
2. Take me in heat
3. Running away
4. The end is nigh

SPLIT IMAGE "Split Image" EP (1985) US

Hard rock/melodic heavy metal band from Boston which released one and only EP in 1985. And what an EP.... Only memorable songs with solid sound very close to the sound of razormaid ("Give it up" is very similar to Razormaid's "Victim of the night"), once you listen to them you get hooked. Awesome guitar work and vocals. An ultra rare private release directly from the heart of the 80's US metal.

1. Don't run away
2. (Rock you) All night long
3. Give it up
4. Let it rock