EKLYPCE "Passion after midnight" LP (1989) US

This is Bob Wheeler's band known from his first release as "Bob Wheeler". It's an ultra melodic hard rock/AOR album with good guitars and lots of keys. The songs are really worked well and keep the interest all the time, the only objection is Bob Wheeler's voice which if it was a little better the album would have been a killer! Released in 1989 on Mark records.

1. Intro
2. Lady in love
3. I'm only me
4. Need you in my life
5. Make me feel right
6. Sprits cryin' again
7. Keep the faith alive
8. Be your everything
9. Final time intro/The final time has come/Outro

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the link is broken.can you please upload again.thanks!!!!

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Hey, you can download the entire album here: