ROAD "Breaking out" LP (1986) Norway

This is a private pressed LP released in 1986. It's the second release of the band following their  EP "Running away" released a year earlier. Their sound is mostly hard rock with a harder edge and crossover parts. A very intresting album indeed.

1. This is Just rock 'n' roll
2. Normal life
3. Is that you
4. Ain't easy
5. Another room
6. Always on the run
7. Dirty old town
8. Return
9. June


3 σχόλια:

micksguitar είπε...

great upload .fantastic lp.really great blog.thank you.

Raiden είπε...

Thank you very much. We'll do our best to give you some of the rarest LPs. This does not mean that all will be exceptional.

BB24 είπε...

As with every other download of this disc, track #6 is missing. The track is "Always On The Run" if anyone has access to it, I would be a happy boy. :)