GENOCIDE ''Too long'' LP USA 1982


1 Outmate
2 Living dead Co.
3 I wouldn't touch her with yours
4 If this is really love
5 Destiny of death
6 Slut machine
7 For fools
8 Recollection
9 Too long

Early US Metal band from Utah that released this quite rare LP that contains many NWOBHM elements. An interesting record, worth listening.


MATA HARI "Feel The Fire" (1992) USA

Rare US Hard Rock Album with a metal edge. Released in 1992 on Metro Records.


1. Ready For Love
2. Attitude Check/Cruise Control
3. Lucky Man
4. When The Rain Burns
5. The Clip
6. Lonely Nights
7. I-29 (Cold Man)
8. Say No More
9. Heavy Heart
10. Feel The Fire


INFLITE "First In Flite" LP (1985) USA

Rare US Hard Rock LP released in 1985 on Anchor Records. Quite good but not exceptional, the vocals could have been better.

Sorry No Tracklist available at the moment.

HAWKEY "Hawkey" LP (1986) USA

Rare US Hard Rock LP released in 1986. It features the former singer of Ted Nugent, Charlie Huhn who later went on to bands such like Foghat, Victory, Humblepie. This is a typical hard rock album with a highlight... The song "Broken Heart".


1. Shake A Leg
2. Mean Streets
3. On and On
4. Broken Heart
5. Genevieve
6. City Sidewalks
7. Through The Night
8. Outrun The Rain
9. Stratosphere


SLAVEN ''Slave to the heart'' MLP USA 1985


1) Shake your fist
2) Wicked
3) Slave to the heart

Very good US metal MLP in the vain of Rellik, Upper Echelon, Thatcher etc...recommended!