BAY RUM "Only The Strong Survive" Demo Tape (1987) USA

Bay Rum's Demo Tape released two years after the EP. More Melodic Than the EP.


1. You Don't Love Me
2. Call My Name
3. The Way She Walks

BAY RUM ''4 X4'' EP (1985) USA

Rare US Hard Rock with southern rock influences EP released by South Bay Records in 1982.


1. 4 Wheel Drive
2. Alone With Her
3. Heart Attack
4. Come On


ABRIL "Abril" LP (1988) Mexico

Mexican Hard Rock/Melodic Metal Band. This is their first LP released in 1988 by
pentagrama records.


1. Para Un Nino
2. Carreteras
3. Fin De Semana
4. A Veces
5. Otra Vez
6. Noche Gelida
7. Espejo
8. Sin Salida
9. Suicida
10. Abril
11. Testamento


STONED AGE ''Rockgasm'' LP 1987 Germany


1) Intro + World on ice
2) Breaking the walls
3) It's not too late
4) Breaking rocks
5) Sunrise
6) Fly away
7) On the run
8) Lonely nights
9) It's up to you

One of the best and rarest German metal LPs. They also release an EP that is more in AOR style. Enjoy!

27NORTH ''Strike while the iron's hot'' LP 1986 USA

Side A
1) Raised on rock
2) Reach into the dark
3) The outlaw

Side B
1) Echos in the wind
2) Hear me call
3) What you see (is what you get)

One of the rarest LPs in metal history! Enjoy!