SABBRABELLS "Dog Fight" EP (1985) Japan

This EP was released in 1985 and it contains 4 solid power metal songs with powerful guitars. "Metal Saber" and "Stop the motion" are classic power metal songs with speed and "water night" and "Dog fight" are mid-tempo heavy/power metal songs with dark melodies and beautiful solos. Best ones are definitely the two mid-tempo ones with "Water night" making too much of an impression. Released on Soundworld records.

1. Metal Saber
2. Water Night
3. Stop the Motion
4. Dog Fight

RANDY "Shadows are falling" 7" (1986) Denmark

This is one of the best 7" ever released. Their sound is a mix of Thin Lizzy/Iron maiden and early Europe. "Shadows are falling" is definitely one of the most hooky songs I've ever listened to. Pure melodic Scandi-metal with one-of-a-kind inspiration. It was released in 1986 on Arp Grammofon records.

1. Shadows are falling
2. The beast


ROAD "Running away" EP (1985) Norway

This is the first release from the Norwegian band. They have a different line-up from their next album since the singer on this EP later left the band. I think this singer is a little bit better and again the songs are in the same vein as their full-length album. This means that their sound is mostly hard rock with many melodic metal touches. It's a private release from 1985.

1. Running away
2. Strangers
3. The actor
4. Scream of anger

EKLYPCE "Passion after midnight" LP (1989) US

This is Bob Wheeler's band known from his first release as "Bob Wheeler". It's an ultra melodic hard rock/AOR album with good guitars and lots of keys. The songs are really worked well and keep the interest all the time, the only objection is Bob Wheeler's voice which if it was a little better the album would have been a killer! Released in 1989 on Mark records.

1. Intro
2. Lady in love
3. I'm only me
4. Need you in my life
5. Make me feel right
6. Sprits cryin' again
7. Keep the faith alive
8. Be your everything
9. Final time intro/The final time has come/Outro

DIRECT TOUCH "Meaning to life" EP (1986) US

Another US hard rock/melodic metal metal which released one EP and one single in the middle-late 80's. Most of the songs are slow and sentimental except from "Soldiers (of peace)" which has power and it's the best track of the EP. Only 600 copies were pressed, the first 300 hundred with black/red promo cover and the next 300 with the coverart present above. Released in 1986 on Andromeda records.

1. Dreamer
2. Soldiers (Of peace)
3. Mother
4. Meaning to life

ARROW "The only way" 7" (1984) Sweden

This 7" was released two years earlier from "Diary of a soldier" and it's the first release from the band. Not so good as their EP, with hard rocking sound. The band is not so tight here, but it's still a good effort for a debut. The highlight is definitely "a better run" which is closer to their later sound. Released in 1984 on their private label Arrow AWS. 

1. The only way
2. A better run

ARROW "Diary of a soldier" EP (1986) Sweden

This is a very good hard rock/melodic metal EP from Sweden with nicely structured songs and great vocals. The songs are guitar driven with intense and melody. It was released in 1986 on A.R.S. records.

1. Diary of a soldier
2. Straight to your heart
3. Tonight's the night
4. Until the end of time


HEXAGON "PIeces of a crime" MLP (1988) Sweden

Swedish hard rock/melodic metal band with one MLP in 1988 on WMR records. Their style reminds a lot of Europe's Wings of tomorrow and Final countdown era and the vocals are a mix of Joey Tempest and Pretty maids' Ronnie Atkins. Of course they're not as good as Europe but they're worth checking out. There are many melodic parts with catchy choruses. You'll sure enjoy this.

1. On the rodeo
2. I got love
3. Pieces of a crime
4. Drifters
5. Love eases pain

SHOCKSPLIT "Under wraps" EP (1989) UK

Post-NWoBHM band with some catchy tunes and nicely crafted compositions. They released one demo and this EP in the late 80's on Blue tongue records. Recommended for NWoBHM fans mostly.

1. Undo the chains
2. Take me in heat
3. Running away
4. The end is nigh

SPLIT IMAGE "Split Image" EP (1985) US

Hard rock/melodic heavy metal band from Boston which released one and only EP in 1985. And what an EP.... Only memorable songs with solid sound very close to the sound of razormaid ("Give it up" is very similar to Razormaid's "Victim of the night"), once you listen to them you get hooked. Awesome guitar work and vocals. An ultra rare private release directly from the heart of the 80's US metal.

1. Don't run away
2. (Rock you) All night long
3. Give it up
4. Let it rock

INHERENT SIN "Children of the night" EP (1989) Germany

This is a very good example of how metal is meant to be played. All the songs are catchy with great guitars and very good vocals. One of the best EPs from Teutonic ground. A truly tight band with solid metal sound. It was released in 1989 on Lingo records.

1. Children of the night
2. Gates of hell
3. It's never too late
4. Starlight

THE DATURA "One night dream" LP (1985) Japan

This LP comes from Japan and it's the only one from the band following their demo released a year earlier. It's sang in Japanese and English and it's a true gem of melodic heavy metal with bunches of stunning moments, melodic guitar riffing and awesome solos. It was released in 1985 on the legendary mandrake root records.

1. Midnight emotion
2. Dreamy day
3. One night dream
4. Broken my heart
5. Woman in the madness
6. You know I want you
7. Baby
8. Thunder
9. Game of every day

FLANEZ "Fast Foodt" EP (1989) Germany

Highly recommended EP for every fan of pure heavy metal. It contains great songs with superb guitars and cool vocals. There are many parts with unique solos and the choruses are memorable. It was privately released in 1989. 

1. Keep on believing
2. Without you
3. Stand up
4. He's the one

TENSION "Released" LP (1980) Canada

This LP is a well hidden secret from Canada. It's a very nice Hard rock/pomp/aor LP with some very impressive songs like the almost metallic opener "Tension", the "Simple Song" and "Going home" which have great lyricism and the very cool epic/pomp "Wizard king". It was released in 1980 on Music labs records. A recommended rarity for everyone who likes melody.

1. Tension
2. Come alive
3. Locomotion
4. Simple song
5. Easy money
6. Friday
7. Wizard king
8. Going home

M-16 "Locked and loaded" LP (1988) US

Melodic heavy metal US band from New York that released its only LP in 1988 on MCE records. There are many great songs here like the highly melodic and intense "Much too young for me", "Tonite (It's you)", a very good ballad "Dreamgirl" and the catchy "Why". The vocals seem to fit greatly in the band. 

1. Much too young for me
2. Tonite (It's you)
3. Dreamgirl
4. R.U. hot tonite
5. Shot down
6. Guilty of innocence
7. Wasted love
8. Why

LEGEND "Le porteur de lumiere" 7" (1983?) France

Very rare and very good 7" french single from Legend which released only this 7" and one more demo with 2 tracks. Very solid and melodic heavy/power metal songs with catchy riffs and leads. One of the best singles ever released in French on their private Legend label. The year of release is not certain. It's 1983 but some say it was in 1987.

1. Le porteur de lumiere
2. Les enfants de la rempete

BREEZE LEAST "Breeze Least" LP (1986) Japan

A Heavy/Doom metal Japanese band with many melodic parts and epic songs. Most of the tracks are doomy with heavy guitars except from the opener "Breeze Least" and "Damnation" which are intensive and speedy. There are some great songs like the epic "Must be crush" and the 12 minutes long "Not the hold". It's an extremely rare LP privately pressed in 1986.

1. Breeze least
2. Must be crush
3. Dolphin tradition
4. Damnation
5. Gate tower
6. Caprice No. 9-Dread to death
7. Not the hold

MANTICORE "The children after war" EP (1990) Germany

German heavy metal band with many melodic, usually slow parts, nice guitar leads and worth mentioning vocals. Privately pressed in 1990. The highlight of the EP is the s/t song along with the opener "Palace of crime" and "Kingdom in danger". The only track that does not fit in the EP is "Wild toys" which is a hard rocking track but not a bad one.  An EP really worth checking out. 

1. Palace of crime
2. Time
3. The Children after war
4. Wild toys
5. Kingdom in danger

GRANMAX "Kiss Heaven Goodbye" LP (1978) US

70's hard rock/proto-metal band with solid guitars and hooky songs full of intense and speed. There are some acoustic parts and some with nicely driven guitars. The vocals could be better but they still fit the band. Much better than their first release "A ninth alive". Released in 1978 on Panama records.

1. Mistress of eternity
2. Dream woman
3. Daughter of hell
4. It's worth the wait
5. Prince of the southern ice
6. This life's for me
7. Respected man
8. Travels of time


LORD "The second coming" LP (1988) US

This is probably the only LP that this band ever released despite it's called the second coming. It's an excellent heavy metal album released in 1988 on Golden Bear records, really worth checking out. Don't let the cover fool you. 

1. Promises
2. Burnin'
3. Mr. Death
4. The end 
5. Snow
6. Love machine
7. Back to the asylum
8. Leather queen

POWER UNIT "Time-chaser" LP (1990) Sweden

Really good Swedish heavy metal band that released one LP in 1990 on Bums Records. 

1. Time chaser
2. Mystery
3. Love at first sight
4. Lost paradise
5. What the future will bring
6. Avelone
7. Tonight's the night
8. Holy war
9. Killer in disguise
10. Broken dreams

ANTIDOTO ''Objeto sexual'' LP (1988) Spain

Solid melodic heavy metal from Spain. One of the rarest LPs of the country that was released in the Caskabel Label.

1. Objeto sexual
2. No soy un loco
3. Heroe nacional
4. No hagas el amor, sientelo
5. Antidoto
6. La lechera
7. Corre
8. Lujuria
9. Dragon ambicion


VEXX "Education" LP (1987) US

Ultra rare Hard rock/metal LP released in 1987 on Flyer Productions records. It contains some very nice songs but also some fillers. 

1. Struck!
2. Bring back the rock
3. Would I?
4. They call this love?
5. Falling for you
6. Steal your heart
7. Future (One minute from now)
8. Can't take it anymore
9. Take a stand

ROAD "Breaking out" LP (1986) Norway

This is a private pressed LP released in 1986. It's the second release of the band following their  EP "Running away" released a year earlier. Their sound is mostly hard rock with a harder edge and crossover parts. A very intresting album indeed.

1. This is Just rock 'n' roll
2. Normal life
3. Is that you
4. Ain't easy
5. Another room
6. Always on the run
7. Dirty old town
8. Return
9. June



MENTAL POWERS "Fantasy" LP (1987) Greece

Greek Metal obscurity of the 80s, a mixture between early Europe and Malmsteen. A really good melodic metal LP that was released in 1987 on a private label (Interdealer) and in micro quantity (rumors say 300 copies). Very few information are known for this one man's band-the guy plays all instruments and probably does the vocals (Ramos Alexiou). One of the best Greek metal LPs of all times.

CRY "Cry" LP (1988) US

US Christian metal band with one LP released in 1988 on BMI records. Classic hard rock/heavy metal sound with not so good vocals but some interesting guitar playing.
1. Your Love Will Sustain
2. Keep On Running
3. Don't Give Up
4. Save Me Tonight
5. Let Jesus Rock You
6. Change Me
7. Bitter Gray
8. Dedication


FLYNN "Flynn" EP (1985) US

This is the one and only EP from this US band from California released in 1985 on Shontod records. It's an ultra melodic hard rock/metal album with great vocals. A forgotten jewel and a must for every fan of the melodic sound.

1. I'll Be Back
2. Say You'll Stay
3. Don't Walk Away
4. Lonely Nights