ODYSSEY ''Breakaway'' MLP 1985 USA

Quite good melodic metal band from New York (no relation with Odyssey from South Africa or any other Odyssey you know).


1. Breakaway
2. Gamblin' on rock n' roll
3. Becky
4. But I rememer


LOVE GUNN ''Bad love for sale'' LP 1987 USA


1. Bad love for sale
2. Sudden urge
3. The bitch is hot
4. Here's looking at you
5. Too late

Typical glam metal LP from USA in the first four songs. Only ''Too late'' can justify its purchase which is a magnificent song and it's a pity the band didn't compose other tunes in the same level.

ROC LOCHNER ''same'' LP 1985 USA

This is the debut album of Roc Lochner that was released years before the OPM issue of their second unreleased LP. The record contains typical hard rock/ metal of the mid 80s and it seems that the band really stepped forward as the songs in the 2nd LP are much better.

1. Headlines
2. Hard to forget
3. Once is bad enough
4. Take a number
5. Stargazer
6. First sight love

NETWORK ''same'' LP 1987 USA

This band from Utah managed to release one of the most professional private releases of the 80s as the LP contains glossy photo of the band and seperate information insert for each member. However, the music is not something special- typical glam metal without any of the songs being stunning. Strictly for completists and music researchers.


1. I wanna hear you scream
2. My time
3. Rock you
4. Goodbye
5. Dizzy bar
6. Satisfied
7. Why
8. Loud rock n' roll


LIXX ''Get your licks in'' MLP 1987 USA


1. Someday
2. Give it to me
3. Yesterdays gone
4. Do it over

Very hard to find glam metal record that goes high in auctions. It's not the same band with Lixx that released ''Loose on you'' MLP, this is far rarer and to me better.


MYSTIQUE ''Rock n' roll party tonite'' 7'' 1988 CANADA

This is the ultra rare single of Mystique that was made for promotional reasons. Second song is the well known composition of Queen while the first song is of Mystique. Special thanks goes to Jonas from Lithuania for offering us this link!


1. Rock n' roll party tonite
2. Stone cold crazy


KAOS "Agent killers" LP (1982) USA

A US metal band from San Diego,California. This is their only release and their sound is classic, melodic heavy metal with nice leads and good vocals. There are a few catchy tunes here that you might like. It was released in 1982 on Pop records.

1.Agent killers
2.To the top
4.All love is lost
5.Back in love
7.Take my love and run
8.Jailhouse rock

MYSTIQUE ''I am the king'' DEMO (1987)

This is the demo of Mystique released 2 years after ''Black rider'' and in my opinion it's heavier and a little better than the EP. In 1988 they released a very rare single (if anybody has the music you know the mails!!) for promotional reasons...Hail !!


1. I am the King
2. Alone in the Dark
3. Standing on the Firing Line
4. Prelude : Opus 1
5. Silent Tear



Very rare EP from Spain (Valencia). The vocals are rather mediocre but there are some good moments in guitars (e.g. Galope Mortal) so listen to find out for yourselves...In our opinion an overestimated album, much inferior to Spanish classics like Tharna, Hades, Exodo etc.


1. Corre
2.Asesino Pecador
3.Galope Mortal


AIRSTRIKE ''Initial attack'' LP 1986 USA

The band was founded in Lincoln, Nebraska (1984) and as far as we know they didn't release anything else. The style is power metal with some more commercial elements (especially in the first two songs). The best songs are ''Initial attack'' & ''Right before your eyes'' with epic choruses and thunderous riffs. The LP was released by the private label Direct Hit and is very rare nowadays.
1. Aimin' for the heart
2. You'll get your way
3. High heels, low deals
4. Right before your eyes
5. Initial attack
6. Angel of pain
7. She's still gone
Thanks to Manos from sonic age records for his kind contribution.