VISITOR ''Four by five'' MLP 1982 USA

This is the rarest of Visitor's three releases (edition of 500 copies). The songs here contain typical hard rock and are weaker than their amazing full length LPs which made them special.

1. Its only money
2. Rock in my soul
3. Demon od desire
4. Magnetic attraction

POLESTAR1 ''Flying thru the universe'' LP USA 1980

Quite rare private hard rock LP with progressive/atmospheric elements that are reminiscent of Yes & Pink Floyd.


1. Flying thru the universe
2. Sinful place
3. I can see it
4. searching
5. The world lost its mind
6. Who am I
7. Stars and planets
8. Plastic ecstacy

CONFESSOR ''First sin'' EP 1986 New Zealand

Very rare EP released by Jayrem Records. No relation to any other Confessor you know.


1) Soldier Of Hate
2) Satin Sheet Action
3) No Peace For The Wicked


CAIN ''Un paso mas en el camino'' LP 1991 SPAIN

Quite rare melodic metal LP from Spain, released on the Avispa label. Very good music and quite hard to track down.


1. El guardian de los suenos
2. Siempre por tu amor
3. Una luz en la oscuridad
4. Luna lena
5. La amazona
6. Sangre
7. No hay dinero para el rock n' roll
8. Alta sociedad
9. Vuela hasta mi

INSANE ''Strip tease'' LP 1987 CANADA

Very rare heavy metal LP from Canada that reminds me a bit of Leather Nunn due to heavy guitar sound.


1. Strip Tease
2. Sharp Sensations
3. Cry Out
4. To Laurent
5. Unaware Of The Share
6. Weird
7. Nowhere Land
8. Don't Play Around
9. The Battle
10. Heart On Fire
11. Never Satisfied

SYBILL ''Same'' LP 1987 USA

Quite good melodic hard rock US band. The LP was released on Fugu Records.


1. Time To Start Livin'
2. Why Oh Why
3. Take Me Back
4. Acting
5. Turn Me Loose
6. No One Controls You
7. Now Or Never
8. Tell Me

RISING POWER ''Troppo oro e argento'' LP 1992 ITALY

Very rare and very good malmsteen-like band. This is their 2nd LP released on the MMS private label in 1992. This record is so rare that many collectors don't know its existence and consider ''The rock is never ending'' (1989) as their only release..


1) Troppo Oro Ed Argento
2) Velocissimo E Irragiungible
3) Spirito Profondo
4) Pezzo D’ Animale
5) La Strada Del Destino
6) Intro-Isola Di Sabbia
7) Tramonto Di Speranza


Request: THE ELEMENT ''Time '' LP 1985 FRANCE

Rare LP of melondic hard rock featuring Patrick Rondat. It was released on Rocks Records.
1. Time
2. The element
3. Woman
4. Hot connection
5. Berlin
6. White child
7. Sixteen you are on display
8. Bad boy


STARR ''Memories never die'' LP USA 1981

Good US hard rock band that only released this LP and ''Set your fire'' is by far their best song with its tremendous atmosphere.


BURST ''same'' LP 198? USA

One of the best hard rock/pomp LPs I have ever heard. This band is up there with Visitor, Asia, Tension etc. Essential..... Again thanks to Aortrooper for this addition.


1. Endlessly
2. Mystical rider
3. Heavenly feeling
4. Spend the night
5. Turn your head
6. Make no mistake
7. Get up
8. Stand back

MATINEE ''same'' MLP USA 1986

This highly sought after MLP from California is a good example of AOR as it was played in the mid 80s. Special credit goes to Aortrooper from Belgium for giving us the link for this ultra rare album.

1. Can't wait
2. Girl I want you back
3. Don't break my heart
4. I need you

CHINA BLUE ''same'' LP 1987 Canada

Quite good melodic metal LP that is very hard to find. My favorite tracks are ''Power love'' & ''Yesterday's gone''...listen to form your own opinion.


1. Power love
2. Glasses high
3. Broken promises
4. DD3-7153-INST
5. Lady despair
6. You'll be back
7. Yesterday's gone


MADD HATTER ''Strangers in the street'' MLP USA 1988

Nice glam metal of the late 80s. This band has no relation with the group of the Cosmos Label or any other Madd Hatter you know.


1. Street tough
2. Hard to fool
3. Are you lonely
4. Stranger in the street
5. Trouble