REQUEST: ELIZA "Something like hot" LP (1988) Japan

Rare Japanese LP released in 1988 which contains heavy, intensive riffs witch catchy melodies and guitar leads. Classic heavy metal sound from an unknown japanese band.

1. Fast as lightning
2. Slow down
3. Too wild to tame
4. Shot!
5. Let it rock
6. Easy cum,easy go
7. Lines on the legs
8. Boys back to the hell

STRIKEMASTER "Good 'n' Ready" LP (1984) New Zealand

This is actually a live recorded album and the 1st full-length LP from Strikemaster. All the tracks have hard rocking sound with many NWoBHM influences. It was released in 1984 on Jayrem records.

1. Time is on my side
2. Standing alone
3. Good 'n' ready
4. Hey you
5. Let me go
6. The grind
7. Wellington
8. Who can I turn to
9. It's not my fight


REQUEST: CARESS "The return of the beast" MLP (1989) Germany

A rare private release from Germany with female vocals. It reminds a little bit of Warlock and the vocals are very close to Doro's. Not an exceptional MLP but really worth checking it out.

1. Our rights
2. The ritual
3. United power
4. The return of the beast
5. Piece of action
6. Liberty for all