REQUEST: ELIZA "Something like hot" LP (1988) Japan

Rare Japanese LP released in 1988 which contains heavy, intensive riffs witch catchy melodies and guitar leads. Classic heavy metal sound from an unknown japanese band.

1. Fast as lightning
2. Slow down
3. Too wild to tame
4. Shot!
5. Let it rock
6. Easy cum,easy go
7. Lines on the legs
8. Boys back to the hell

2 σχόλια:

tomas_ticciati είπε...

the best rarity of all time !!
thank you

follow this way of rarities of rock


nyet είπε...

found this blog accidentally; I almost fainted when I saw this Eliza album. This one has been in my wants list for years. Thanks a million! Do you have the other one I'm missing, the one called "Lovin Hittin Scratchin"? That would be fantastic. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work, mate!