PORTRAIT "Portrait" LP 1990 US

One of the best kept secrets of the US hard rock/melodic metal scene. This LP contains only great songs with melodic leads, magnificent vocals and catchy choruses. A truly underestimated band, they could be huge! It was also released on CD on Stonecross records in 1990.

1. Dreams come true
2. Memories
3. You
4. Long hard road to love
5. (You are) My only angel
6. When we rock
7. Turn it around
8. Suite Donna

4 σχόλια:

Juan Carlos είπε...

Very Good Melodic HardRock/Metal. Gordon's voice reminds me of Bruce Dickinson. My favorite song is "When We Rock" but the whole album is perfect for me, btw "Suite Donna" is an instrumental song. Very Rare album and very good page. ROCK ON MATE!!!!

Juan Carlos είπε...

Are you Russian mate? i do not understand nothing about Russian.. But hey! i love of the stuff posted here.. I guess all the people want more rare stuff.. SO, KEEP ON MATE!! CHEERS.

Raiden είπε...

No, I'm not Russian, I'm Greek... Thanks for your nice comments... We'll keep posting obscure albums as long as there's interest.

Ζoe είπε...

great album I love it!