HARDWARE ''Common time heroes'' LP 1984 GERMANY


1. Hot'n'Ready
2. In the Night
3. Tough Lover
4. Lady Dynamite
5. Easy to Say
6. On the Run
7. Sun City
8. Breakin' All the Rules
9. Bad Toy
10. Eukalyptusbonbon (On the Run reprise)
Good German metal LP released on Steamhammer records. This is not a true rarity/obscurity but it's a request.

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Ανώνυμος είπε...

I can't believe that this band got to record an album. Did they bribe the label manager?

freqazoidiac είπε...

Great Blog! I have the LP, Kaos ''Total kaos'' LP Canada 1985 (Mole), and i'm listing it in original vinyl format on Ebay RIGHT NOW. If you are interested, it's there for a reasonable price. I will also give you as a courtesy the digital files, if you request them. just message me at my blog direct, freqazoidiac.blogspot.com and just ask! I have other canadian obscurities as digital files from orig LPs of course! Peace from Vancouver island