RANDY "Demo '87" (1987) DENMARK

This Demo was released privately a year after their first single. This band knew how to write great songs and this is proved by this excellent demo. This demo contains some hard rocking tracks but don't let this keep you away from this gem. Just listen to "Nightmare" and "Razor's edge" and you'll get the picture.


1. Come On Let's Rock
2. Nightmare
3. Razor's Edge
4. It's Got To Be Love
5. Victim Of The Night
6. Who's Got The Power
7. Don't Look Back

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vasilis2112 είπε...


Ανώνυμος είπε...

3 moustaches, 3 beers, 1 rare demo

Grk! είπε...

Cheers! Listening to the 'Shadows Are Falling' single right now. Great headnodder.

Ζoe είπε...

uperoxo. uparxei kapoios pou to exei sta xeria tou auto to demo??? kai pou to vrike?